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Our company, which produces solar energy systems since 1985, became a family company by changing the partnership structure in order to provide better quality service for our dealers and customers in 2010. “OZKAN GUNES ENERJI SISTEMLERI SAN VE TIC. LDT. STI” , which in corporates its second brand as OGES into its company, has continued its investments by completing construction of factory area with 11000 m2 open area and 6.500 m2 closed area in 2016. Our company established the enamel plant in 2017, and has the justified pride of being one of the leading companies of Turkey in the field of serpentine quick boilers and accumulation tanks from 100 liters to 6000 liters. With its modernized machinery and equipment, the professional team has allocated a significant share for R & D investment expenditures and has adopted the- principle of “quality first”. Having many quality certificates in it, our company has recently registered TSE-736, CE-2413, ISO 9001-2015 quality assurance system. Our company, not compromising on quality and customer satisfaction for a long time, expanded its product range day by day and added pressure tanks, serpentine quick boilers and accumulation tanks to the production line. In today’s world where alternative energy solutions have increased, our company is progressing firmly. Our company is aware that it needs to improve product quality in order to compete and survive in the rapidly advancing world on the path of globalization and is pleased to offer its products both at home and abroad with its dealers and marketing network which were quickly spread throughout Turkey.
Ozerteknik A.S. Company has been existing in heating sector for 24 years and established Ifyil Termo Iklimlendirme San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Industry Company in 2009 for the brand name “IFYIL” offering modern innovative solutions for heating systems. Ifyil Termo factory was established on 6.000 m2 of a total area of 20.000 m2. Company has already achieved an image and prestige on the market with 45 professional staff with the most modern know-how. In this regard, priorities of R & D Department of Ifyil Termo Iklimlendirme are efficiency, energy saving and comfort. Ifyil Termo already has been exporting to more than 20 countries with increasing number of demands. Ifyil quality has been embracing the world day by day with various eco-friendly models. Ifyil stoves have unique ergonomic design with its compact, modern appearance and all in one mechanical structure. Ifyil uses the latest technology harmonizing with traditions. So, Ifyil manufactures eco-friendly pellet and wood stoves at the highest quality for international market. All the stoves are tested according to the international standards in each phase of production. Ifyil high-tech products heat not only one room but also whole house with low fuel consumption. Besides, Ifyil hightech products give utmost pleasure and comfort by providing hot water for its special users.
With 100% Turkish capital and investment, Nim Heat Systems Industry and Trade Co. Ltd. has been working in the sector since 1975 in the heating sector for 20 years in production, service, accounting and latest sales marketing export departments with the motto of "New solution partner in Water & Area Heating" with "NIMISO" brand which is our own brand and completing our mission with our young dynamic staff, customers. With its expert technical and sales team, we have been working with the aim of introducing the concepts of sector engineering and consultancy as well as our attitude of refusing "Only sell products" policy.
Aksan was founded in 1978. Production, sales and export operations 15000 m² carries out an area. Panel radiators, electric radiators, electric boilers, electric water heaters, water heaters (instan
We manufacture and supply heating, heating system, combi boiler, boiler, water heater, heater, hermetic combi, combi, sanitaryware, water booster,radiator, towel radiator, heat exchanger,
Emtas Heating Systems is leading brand with having fast developing and changing dynamisim, operating design, production, sales and service, offering aestetic, healthy, economic and comfortable products. Our Climate System brand Emtas Radiator, established in 1988, is producing steel panel radiators and boilers in 27.000 m2 production factory, the products have ISO 9001 Quality Management and EN 442 European Standards. Emtas has the customer satifaction with institutionalized structure of the company, providing the competition advantage with leading Technologies.Our company contributes the Turkish industry, invests new Technologies, provides customers best quality products, and raised the quality in the market to the top. Our company has the patents, industrial designs and useful product certificates for each developed products. Emtas products are suitable for different places with large type and size range. Can be used for years and you can feel the quality. Every radiator in the production line is tested for leakproofing control by fully automatic, touchmatic testing plant. You can use our products safety for years in multi floored building, in high operating pressures. Our products are painted in DIN 55900 world standards with electrostatic powder paint and water-based primer. All our product range has designed in EN 442 standarts, certificated after testing with the requirement of these standards. With high heating power and efficiency Emtas products provide economy on fuel and provides the comfort to the customers. Emtas products have special packaging that avoids any damage or problem during the installation and transporting. They are suitable for every installment and very easy to install. Emtas Heating System’s main strategy is to solve any issues in fastest way that are requested from our customers. According to the country’s changeable weather conditions and building developments requested panel type and size changing, easily solved and done by our fast technical support team and flexible product line advantages. Emtas Radiators are also producing solid(coal, wood, pellet and prina),liquid and gas fuelled boilers and central system boilers with auto-loading and manual loading systems, water heaters and central system water heaters. And also selling towel warmers. Emtas Boilers are known with their durability, up to 99 % maximum operating efficiency and long time usage term. With a wide product range our boilers can be used in private houses and big capacity industrial central systems. The applications are seen in private houses, apartments, public schools, universities and government buildings. All Emtas products have CE, ISO, EN442, TSE, UKR SEPRO and GOST certificates.
Company values, was built on “GOODNESS AND TRUST”. Our goal is to develope technology to contribute Turkey’s industry, economy and create jobs with the production of human beings, nature and life valuable. Our company established in 1998 on the heating industry and contracting, has built TOTEM brand in 2003 with this target positioning. In heating industry TOTEM has a product line with “central heating boiler, boiler’s chimney, solid&coal fuel heating boiler and water boiler”. TOTEM has achieved new inventions in the line through these goals. Our company which success to get "Utility Model" and "Industrial Design " certificates from Turkish Patent Institute subsidiary of Turkish Prime Ministry, continues to create value to our country in order to provide employment, manufacture by using latest technology.
Our company has been giving service to many homes, houses, institutions and organizations with its experiences gained since 2005. Our products, which we manufacture first, proudly carry the label "Felluce Isi" all over the country. We always produce the best not good is our principle. Our company produces, sells and markets heating systems, ventilation systems, mobile system collectors, boilers, air handling units.